Eye Pad Mapping Practice Chart - No. 004

Eye Pad Mapping Practice Chart - No. 004

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Lash practice reimagined. Maven Maps™ are our second generation practice charts. Designed to help lash artists master and challenge their design abilities.
High quality lamination makes it possible to notate using wet erase markers (Expo Vis-A-Vis brand is our fav). Each chart can be fully customized, erased and reused. Design > Map > Lash > Erase > Repeat.

Our one-of-a-kind Practice Petals™ provide the ideal shape and surface for adhering extensions. Simply pick your map, customize if desired, place your petal, and lash with intention.

004 EYE PAD MAPPING is a fully customizable map with eye pad shapes provided as a workspace. Create your design based around key points like the iris, pupil, inner and outer corner. Learn how to make the most of your map on mock under eye pads.

One 004 Eye Pad Mapping laminated chart
6 Practice Petals™

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